Top Python Interview Questions you should know

For Beginners to Experts

Preparation is indeed the key to success, and knowing the common questions asked during technical interviews brings you one step closer to acing the interview.

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Introduction to Python

A widely loved programming language used in everything from web development to machine learning. With its simple syntax & powerful libraries, it's no wonder companies are eager to hire experienced Python developers.

What kind of questions you might face as a Python Developer?

As a Python developer, you'll likely face various questions in your job interview. These could range from technical queries to questions about your experience and education.

Tech giants like Microsoft, IBM, Facebook, and Google are known for their rigorous interview processes. Get a head start by exploring some of the common Python questions you might encounter.

1. What are the common built-in data types in Python?  2. What are global, protected, and private attributes in Python? 3. Explain how can you make a Python Script executable on Unix?

Python Interview Questions for Freshers

1. What is Scope Resolution in Python?  2. What are Dict and List comprehensions?  3. What is the use of help() and dir() functions?

Python Interview Questions for Experienced

1. How does inheritance work in python?   2. Are access specifiers used in python?  3. How will you check if a class is a child of another class?

Python OOPS Interview Questions

Don't go into your Python interview unprepared. 

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