Python Interview Questions for Freshers to Experienced


1. What is the use of self in Python?  2. What is docstring in Python?

Python Interview Questions for Freshers

3. Explain how can you make a Python Script executable on Unix?  4. What is __init__?

5. What is PEP 8 and why is it important?  6. What are lists and tuples? What is the key difference between the two?

1. What does *args and **kwargs mean?  2. Explain split() and join() functions in Python?

Python Interview Questions for Experienced

3. What is the use of help() and dir() functions?  4. How are arguments passed by value or by reference in python?

5. What is lambda in Python? Why is it used?  6. What is the difference between xrange and range in Python?

1. How do you access parent members in the child class?  2. How is an empty class created in python?

Python OOPS Interview Questions

3. How will you check if a class is a child of another class? 4. Are access specifiers used in python?

1. Can you create a series from the dictionary object in pandas?  2. How will you identify and deal with missing values in a dataframe?

Python Pandas Interview Questions

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