RAD Model in Software Engineering

A Quick Overview

Are you building a skyscraper or developing software? What if you want to make changes and updates midway without affecting the final result. This is where RAD comes in handy.

This approach emphasizes rapid prototyping & quick feedback, allowing developers to make revisions & changes to a software product quickly without starting from scratch every time.

Introduction to RAD (Rapid Application Development)

As part of the RAD model, several phases are involved.

Different Phases of RAD Model

1. Business Modeling   It involves identifying the flow of information between different business functions. It helps to understand how a company will generate revenue and create value for customers.

2. Data Modeling  In this phase, information from the business model is categorized and used to define data objects. Data modeling also involves identifying relationships between different data items.

3. Process Modeling  It involves turning data items into usable information or processes. It helps to extract information from data objects and make necessary changes for appropriate processing.

Want to streamline your software development process? 

Give RAD a try!