React Native Interview Questions to Prepare For

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A JavaScript framework for building mobile apps that allows developers to write code once & deploy it on both iOS & Android platforms, providing a native-like user experience.

What is React Native?

1. How Different is React-native from ReactJS?  2. What are threads in General Explain different Threads in ReactNative?

React Native Basic Interview Questions

3. Describe Networking in React Native & how to make AJAX network calls in React Native. 4. How to debug React Native Applications & name the tools used for it?

5. How is user Input Handled in React Native?  6. Describe Timers in React Native Application.

1. How is the entire React Native code processed to show the final output on a mobile screen?  2. What is ListView and describe its use in React Native?

React Native Intermediate Interview Questions

3. How to use Routing with React Navigation in React Native?  4. Explain Async Storage in React Native & also define when to use it & when to not.

5. How to use Routing with React Navigation in React Native? 6. What are Touchable components in React Native & which one to use when?

1. What are Network Security and SSL Pinning? Explain setNativeProps.  2. Does it create Performance issues and how is it used?

React Native Advanced Interview Questions

3. Describe the Memory leak Issue in React Native, & how can it be detected and resolved. 4. List down some of the steps to optimize the application.

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