ReactJS Developer Salary in India:  What does it Pay?

Factors Affecting ReactJS Salary: Experience

In India, an entry-level ReactJS developer with 1-4 years of experience earns about Rs 5,40,000/yr, while someone with 5-7 years of experience earns about Rs 13,00,000/yr.

Factors Affecting ReactJS Salary: Location

Entry-level professionals in Bangalore earn around 5.4 LPA/year on average, while experienced professionals earn 16.2 LPA to 20.7 LPA/yr on average.

Factors Affecting ReactJS Salary: Job Role

The Salary of react developers depends on the role they take on; front end developers earn around Rs 476,546 while UI developers earn around Rs 508,300.

Factors Affecting ReactJS Salary: Skill Set

React.JS developer starting out with little or no experience can expect to earn around Rs. 355,000/yr, and as experience grows, the salary could rise to Rs. 1,300,000/yr.

What are the Top Companies Hiring React JS Developers in India?

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