Service-Based to  Product-Based Company: HOW TO SWITCH?

Step 1

Unlock Opportunities with the Right Skills

Deep dive into the skills that will put you on the path to a product company, including problem-solving skills in DSA, coding skills, theoretical concepts, work projects, etc.

Step 2

Get in Touch with Product-Based Companies

Utilize job portals or the company's website to apply for open positions or develop a plan for referrals, such as reaching out to contacts or connecting with internal personnel.

Step 3

Prepare for Product-based Company Interviews

Depending on your experience and the company, you may have to sit through several interview rounds, including initial screening (1-2 rounds) and coding rounds (2 or more).

Step 4

Top product-based companies with Exponential Growth

Continue to put forth your best efforts and you will be able to move to top product-based companies like Amazon, Google, Microsoft, etc.

How do Service-Based and Product-Based Companies Differ?