What are the Most in-demand Skills for Software Engineers?


Credit: InterviewBit

Software Engineering Technical Skills: Data Structures and Algorithms

Programmers looking to break into the field of programming must familiarize themselves with data structures and algorithms like linked lists, arrays, sorting, hashing, etc.

Software Engineering Technical Skills:  Object-Oriented Programming

Inheritance, polymorphism, and other OOP concepts will help you keep your software code clean and easier to read, especially for large and complex programs.

Software Engineering Technical Skills: Databases and DBMS

Software engineers must know a bunch of databases and DBMS concepts, including SQL, PostgreSQL, denormalization, normalization, deadlocks, and the list goes on.

Software Engineering Technical Skills: Operating System

Microsoft Windows, macOS, Linux, etc., each work differently, so understanding how these systems work helps software engineers create more effective software.


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