Ace Your Next Spring Boot Interview

Essential Interview Questions to Know

With these essential questions in your back pocket, you'll feel confident and prepared to take on any challenge. Don't miss out on your chance to shine!

Are you planning to ace your next Spring Boot interview?

Spring Boot for Java App Development

Looking for a fast & easy way to build stand-alone Java apps? Spring Boot has you covered! With its fast, low-configuration setup, built-in servers, & monitoring features, it's the perfect choice.

What kind of questions do developers face?

Get familiar with the types of questions you may encounter during a job interview, from technical questions to questions about your coding experience. Show off your expertise & land your dream job.

Tech giants like Microsoft, IBM, Facebook, Google, and more., are known for their rigorous interview processes. Get a head start by exploring some of the common Spring Boot questions you might encounter.

1. Why Spring Boot over Spring?   2. What is Spring Boot CLI and what are its benefits?  3. What does the @SpringBootApplication annotation do internally?

Spring Boot Interivew Questions for Freshers

1. What is the default port of tomcat in spring boot?  2. Explain @RestController annotation in Sprint boot?  3. Describe the flow of HTTPS requests through the Spring Boot application?

Spring Boot Interview Questions for Experts

Don't go into your Spring Boot interview unprepared. 

Check these comprehensive guide with Spring Boot MCQs to prepare for all aspects of interview process.