Step-by-Step Guide to Becoming a Java Developer


1. Core Java Concepts (OOP, DSA)  2. Relational databases (MySQL, PostgreSQL  3. Java Build tools (Gradle, Hudson, etc.)  4. Java web frameworks (Spring MVC, Play)  5. Java Testing Tools (JUnit, TestNG)

Java Developer Skillset

Responsibilities of Java Developer

1. Develop and maintain Java apps.  2. Analyze, test, and debug software.  3. Ensure that designs meet specifications  4. Manage Java and Java EE app development  5. Write clean, and testable code.

Java Developer Resume Guidelines: For Freshers

​​1. Lists practical experience with JavaScript, JavaServer Pages, etc.  2. Lists Java-related experience gained by volunteering or internship.  3. Include employment history that shows teamwork.

Java Developer Resume Guidelines: For Experienced

1. Include a minimum of five years of Java programming experience.  2. Include experience as a manager in computer or web development.  3. Mention skills relevant to Java Developer positions

Java Developer: Common Interview Topics

1. DSA  2. Garbage Collection  3. OOP Concepts  4. Multithreading  5. Java Collections Framework  6. GOF Design Patterns  7. SOLID design principles  8. Abstract class and interface 

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