System Design  Interview Checklist in 8 Simple Steps 

Consider the limitations and hidden requirements of the user's interaction with the system, whether it's on a mobile app, laptop, or smart TV.

1. Understanding User Interface

How to design scalable systems?

Distribute requests between nodes in a distributed system to decrease response time, improve resource utilization, and avoid single points of failure.

2. Load Balancer

How to design scalable systems?

Implement a server that keeps an open web socket connection with all active user devices and use a central repository to keep track of which user is connected to which web socket handler.

3. Web Socket Handler and Manager

How to design scalable systems?

Choose the right storage solution based on the type of data you're dealing with, such as blob storage, relational database, or document DB.

4. Database and Storage Solutions

How to design scalable systems?

Maintain copies of frequently accessed data in data centers closer to the users' location to reduce latency and improve the user experience.

5. Content Delivery Network (CDN)

How to design scalable systems?

Implement stream processing software like Kafka to capture useful information and run real-time processing or machine learning algorithms for detailed analytics.

6. Analytics Components

How to design scalable systems?

Design independent services like URL shortening, notification, or asset delivery service, which can be added or modified easily based on new requirements.

7. Pluggable Components

How to design scalable systems?

Consider edge cases that people usually don't in interviews, such as security, scalability, and fault tolerance, to stand out from other applicants.

8. Brownie Points

How to design scalable systems?

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