Top Tableau Interview Questions to Prepare For


Tableau is a business intelligence software that creates interactive & shareable dashboards by visually representing data from different sources.

Introduction to Tableau

1. Data visualization  2. Create interactive visualizations 3. Ease of implementation  4. Integration of scripting languages

Advantages of using Tableau

1. What are the supported file extensions in Tableau?  2. What are aggregation and disaggregation of data?

Basic Tableau Interview Questions

3. Tell me the different connections to make with a dataset.  4. How do you generally perform load testing in Tableau?

1. What are dual axes?  2. What is the difference between a tree and a heat map?

Intermediate Tableau Interview Questions

3. What is a Tableau data engine? 4. What are the various types of filters in Tableau?

1. How can you display the top five and bottom five sales in the same view?  2. How to use groups in a calculated field?

Tableau Interview Questions For Experienced

3. Explain when would you use Joins vs. Blending in Tableau. 4. How do you embed views into web pages?

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