TCS Digital  Interview Questions  to Prepare For

A digital business unit of TCS focused on providing innovative technologies & digital solutions. Joining TCS Digital can provide exciting projects, diverse opportunities, & supportive benefits.

About TCS Digital

1. Competitive salary & benefits package.  2. Access to advanced digital technologies & tools.  3. Exposure to a diverse & global client base.  4. Collaborative & inclusive work culture.

Why join TCS Digital?

TCS Digital Recruitment Process

1. Online application  2. Online Test(Aptitude and Technical Tests)  3. Technical Interview  4. HR Interview  5. Managerial Interview

Are TCS Digital interviews hard?

The interview process is typically rigorous and may include technical and behavioral questions. But proper preparation, effort, and research can make it worthwhile.

1. When was the last time you worked with another department to complete a project?  2. Has there ever been a conflict between you and a co-worker?

TCS Digital Interview Questions

3. How do you approach solving a complex programming problem?  4. Explain the concept of microservices and how it differs from a monolithic architecture.

5. How do you design and implement a scalable system?  6. What is a Linear Regression Model? How do you go about building it?

TCS Digital Interview Preparation Tips

1. Refresh your technical skills. 2. Review common interview questions.  3. Research the company.  4. Use the STAR Method to structure your answers.

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