Best Tech Podcasts for Software Developers in 


Unlock the secrets of software development with industry experts as hosts, covering algorithms, system design, and more. Level up your skills with Scaler Podcasts.

1. Scaler Podcasts

Groove to the rhythm of Python with interviews featuring Python experts and fanatics. Get insights and ideas to harness the full potential of Python on Talk Python to Me.

2. Talk Python to Me

Delve into the world of open-source technologies and the people behind them. From hackers to influential leaders, The Changelog leaves no strings hanging.

3. The Changelog

Stay up to date with the latest trends shaping front-end development. Join Scott Tolinski and Wes Bos on SyntaxFM for discussions, libraries, frameworks, and interviews.

4. SyntaxFM

Bring new ideas to life in an engaging and fun way with Adam Wathan. Interviews with industry experts cover UX, product design, and software delivery on Full Stack Radio.

5. Full Stack Radio

Excel at your work as a developer with refreshing insights into technology, communication, & human psychology. Energize & inspire yourself on Developer Tea with Jonathan Cutrell.

6. Developer Tea

Embark on a coding adventure with Scaler Podcasts, the ultimate destination for software developers.

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