Data Structure  MCQs to Test Your Coding Prowess


A. push_back()  B. append()  C. push()  D. insert()

1. What function is used to append a character at the back of a string in C++?

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2. When a pop() operation is called on an empty queue, what is the condition called?

A. Overflow  B. Underflow  C. Syntax Error  D. Garbage Value

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3. Which of the following data structures finds its use in recursion?

A. Stack  B. Arrays  C. LinkedList  D. Queues

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4. Which of the following sorting algorithms provide the best time complexity in worst-case scenario?

A. Merge Sort  B. Quick Sort  C. Bubble Sort  D. Selection Sort

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5. What is the maximum number of swaps that can be performed in the Selection Sort algorithm?

A. n - 1  B. n  C. 1  D. n - 2

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6. What will be the best sorting algorithm, given that the array elements are small (<= 1e6)?

A. Bubble Sort  B. Merge Sort  C. Counting Sort  D. Heap Sort

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7. Which of the following algorithms are used for string and pattern matching problems?

A. Z Algorithm  B. Rabin Karp Algorithm  C. KMP Algorithm  D. All of the above

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8. Maps in C++ are implemented using which of the following data structures?

A. Red-Black Trees  B. Binary Search Trees  C. AVL Trees  D. Hash Tables

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9. Which of the following represents the Postorder Traversal of a Binary Tree?

A. Left -> Right -> Root  B. Left -> Root -> Right  C. Right -> Left -> Root  D. Right -> Root -> Left

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A. O(n^3)  B. O(n^2)  C. O(n)  D. O(n^4)

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10. What is the best time complexity we can achieve to precompute all-pairs shortest paths in a weighted graph?

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