DBMS MCQs to  Test Your Database Knowledge


A. Physical  B. Abstract  C. View  D. User

1. Which is the lowest level of abstraction that describes how the data are actually stored?

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2. During the transaction before commit, which of the following statements is done automatically in case of shutdown?

A, Rollback  B, Commit  C. View  D. Flashback

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3. Which of the following SQL commands is used for removing (or deleting) a relation form the database?

A. Drop  B. Delete  C. Rollback  D. Remove

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4. Which normal form deals with multivalued dependency

A. 1NF  B. 2NF  C. 3NF  D. 4NF

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5. Select the correct foreign key constraint.

A. Referential integrity  B. Entity integrity  C. Domain integrity  D. None

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6. After which operation is the modify operation done?

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A. Look-up  B. Insert  C. Delete  D. All

7. Total view of a database is known as?

A. Physical view  B. Internal view  C. Conceptual view  D. External view

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8. The primary key can be?

A. NULL  B. NOT NULL  C. Both NULL and NOT NULL  D.VDepends on the situation

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9. Which of the following operators is used to compare a value to a list of literal values that have been specified?


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A. m/2  B. m - 1  C. m  D. m + 1

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10. Maximum children of a B-tree of order m?

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