Highest-Paying                 Cities for Data Engineers in 2023


Welcome to Silicon Valley! The data science hub offers an average earning of ₹120,726, attracting tech enthusiasts from all corners.

1. San Jose, California

How much does a Data Engineer earn in India?

In India's Silicon Valley, data science flourishes with government support, offering earnings of up to 9.8 Lakh INR annually.

2. Bengaluru (Bangalore), India

What are the various factors affecting the  salary of Data Engineers?

Leading STEM fields, Lexington Park provides diverse job opportunities. Data scientists here can earn around 71 lakh INR ($97,656).

3. Lexington Park, USA

How does a data engineer's salary change  with experience?

Geneva's high living costs are balanced by impressive data science salaries – up to 1 crore INR or even more for lead roles.

4. Geneva, Switzerland

How does a data engineer's salary change  with location?

The picturesque Amsterdam is more than just beauty – data scientists can pocket about 30,000 euros, thanks to thriving opportunities.

5. Amsterdam, Netherlands

How does a data engineer's salary change  based on skill set?

Brexit or not, London stands strong for data scientists, offering an average of £41,217 and backing from the tech-focused government.

6. London, UK

How does a data engineer's salary change  based on employer?

Paris steps into AI's future with the Macron government's support. Earnings average around 41,249 euros for data scientists.

7. Paris, France

How much does a Data Engineer earn  in other countries?

Germany's capital joins the top-tier with data science salaries, hitting approximately 54,587 euros for chief data scientists.

8. Berlin, Germany

How to become a Data Engineer?

Beyond Bollywood, Mumbai's data science scene is thriving, promising salaries between 3,87,000 to 20,00,000 INR.

9. Mumbai, India

What are the job roles and responsibilities of Data Engineers?

Competing with its tech-centric charm, Gurgaon presents data scientists an average salary of 10,30,000 INR, ranging from 5,09,000 to 10,00,000 INR.

10. Gurgaon (Gurugram), India

What are the various factors affecting  the salary of Data Engineers?

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