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Top 7  Advanced HTML Commands with Examples

1. <aside>...</aside>

Denotes a section of a page whose content is tangentially related to the main body. Example-   <aside>  <h4>What's more on Interviewbit</h4>  <p>Prepare for coding interviews</p>  </aside>

2. <figcaption>...</figcaption>

A caption or legend that describes the rest of the contents of its parent <figure> element.  Example-   <figure>  <img src="/pictures/lion-1080-720.jpeg" alt="Lion hunting">  <figcaption>Picture of a lion hunting its prey</figcaption>  </figure>

3. <img>...</img>

Used to include an image in a document. Example-   <img class="fit-picture" src="/pictures/apple-660-480.jpeg" alt="This is a picture of an apple">

4. <mark>...</mark>

Indicates text that has been marked for citation or notation due to its relevance or importance.  Example-   <p>Please bring the <mark>Homework Copy</mark> tomorrow.</p>

5. <summary>...</summary>

Specifies a summary, caption, or legend for the disclosure box of the details> element.  Example-  <details>  <summary>Summary of the topic</summary> Java is an Object Oriented Programming Language. </details>

6. <cite>...</cite>

Describe a reference to a referenced creative work, and the title of that work must be included.  Example-  <p><cite>Mona Lisa</cite> Painting by Leonardo da Vinci </p>

7. <script> … </script>

Used to embed or refer to executable code. Example-   <!-- HTML4 -->  <script type="text/javascript" src="javascript.js"></script>  <!-- HTML5 --> <script src="javascript.js"></script>

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