Top 8 Java Frameworks

Choosing the Right Java Framework for Your Project

Build powerful Java apps with ease using the lightweight Spring framework. Trusted by Amazon & Netflix, its seamless inversion of control container simplifies enterprise-grade development.

1. Spring

2. Hibernate

Mapping object-oriented domain models to relational databases is a breeze with Hibernate. Used by industry giants like IBM Oracle, its seamless integration makes database management a breeze.

Create dynamic & concurrent Java web apps with the Scala-based Play framework. Developed with the Akka Toolkit, it's the top choice for content-driven web apps.

3. Play

4. Apache Struts

A popular Java web framework that follows MVC architectural pattern, making it easy to create modern & sleek web apps. It also supports REST, AJAX, & JSON with its plugin architecture.

Simplify development with a lightweight Dropwizard framework. It bundles all dependencies into a single package & supports advanced configurations, logging, & application metrics.

5. Dropwizard

Develop elegant internet apps with custom JavaScript code based on the browser. GWT is a developer-friendly Java framework trusted by Google & easily integrates with Google APIs.

6. Google Web Toolkit 

Create UIs for server-based apps with the stable & versatile JSF framework. With reusable UI components & following the MVC pattern, it's even capable of creating native apps.

7. Java Server Faces 

8. Vaadin

Create HTML5 web user interfaces with ease using the open-source Vaadin framework. Its web components, web framework, and application starters make it the top choice for UI development.

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