Open-Source Projects for Beginners to Level Up Their Skills


Mozilla offers a wide range of open-source projects for beginners to contribute to, making it a dominant force in the open-source sphere

1. Mozilla Projects

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Zulip is an open-source group chat software with beginner-friendly tasks for both coding and non-coding activities, providing real-time messaging and threaded discussions.

2. Zulip

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3. TensorFlow Models

TensorFlow Models is a great open-source project for beginners interested in machine learning, offering tutorials and official projects to learn and contribute to.

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4. First Contributions

First Contributions is a hands-on tutorial for GitHub users, guiding beginners through the open-source contribution workflow and providing project recommendations.

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5. vMware

IT firm offering app modernization, cloud, and networking solutions, hiring remote employees for roles like executive assistants, technical writers, and talent recruiters.

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6. 30 Seconds of Code

30 Seconds of Code is a collection of JavaScript snippets that can be learned and understood in 30 seconds, making it a valuable resource for JS beginners.

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7. Scrapy

Scrapy is a high-level data scraping tool built on Python, used for data mining and monitoring. It has a rich GitHub repository for beginners to explore.

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8. Neovim

Neovim is an open-source project suitable for beginners, aiming to refactor & improve the popular text editor Vim for modern times, with a strong community & over 40,000 stars on GitHub.

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So, What's Next?

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