Do Android Developers Need any Specific Skills to Get Hired?

Basic understanding of Java and Kotlin is required, like their syntax, collection frameworks, etc. Also, knowledge of XML, Android Studio, and Gradle plugins for Android is required.

1. Android Foundation

2. Android Interactivity

Knowledge of user-friendly features like call-backs, drag-and-drop gestures, provide right keyboard for user input, pan-zoom option., etc., are required for seamless interaction.

3. Android UI

When creating apps, developers need to follow basic rules like using RecyclerView to create grids and lists, ConstraintLayout to design complex layouts, animating user experiences, etc.

4. Implementing Navigation

Developer should be familiar with UI elements used in UI navigation, like a pop-up menu, menu icons, a navigation drawer icon on toolbar, BottomNavigationView, ViewPager, etc.

5. Android Testing

Developers should test multiple use cases and interactions while developing an app iteratively. Consistent testing can verify the correctness, functionality, and usability of apps.

6. Tackling Databases

Developers must be familiar with types of databases. Jetpack's DataStore is suited for storing small amounts of data, cloud services provide APIs for storing large amounts of data.

7. Firebase on Android

Firebase offers several features like Firebase Invites, Firebase Performance Monitoring, etc., to make the life of Android developer easier. It's an alternative for backend coding.

8. Notification

A developer should be able to create a notification, customize its layout, add an action, and even group multiple notifications by using notification channels.

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