Top Android Project Ideas with Source Code

A Quick Guide

An application that keeps track of students' tuition classes they have attended and haven't attended. Tutors can also regularly mark students' attendance and upload notes.

1. Tuition Notes Application

This application allows users to view all of the images on their devices in a grid format. Also, new images can be captured and stored on their devices.

2. Photo Management Application

This application allows the user to search for a song in their phone's storage and play, pause, or stop songs. A list of all the songs will be displayed from phone storage.

3. Music Application

Online exam applications are the best way to conduct the exam without much hassle and fuss. The project include 2 modules; Admin and candidate module.

4. Online Exam Application

The app will take a picture of the voter, match it with the existing database, and send OTP after they are confirmed. This app makes voting easy for voters.

5. Online Voting System

The idea is to build a food delivery application for passengers traveling long distances by train. You can order food online if you don't like the food served at railway stations.

6. Train Food Application

Provides villagers with panchayat services that simplify the process of filing complaints and getting quick resolutions. It also keeps villagers informed about upcoming projects.

7. Panchayat Services Application

App offers opportunities for employment to working women, as well as those willing to work. Employers and employees will be able to communicate directly through app via a chat box.

8. Women Jobs Application

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