Top Angular Interview Questions to Prepare for

Ace Your Tech Interview with These Top Questions

What is Angular?

An open-source, lightweight framework that simplifies & accelerate the development of Java apps by providing infrastructure support, like Dependency Injection and more.

Top Features of Angular

1. Supports single-page applications. 2. Offers a range of features for testing and debugging.  3. Support two-way data binding, dependency injection.

Why Angular is Important?

Being proficient in Angular can greatly increase career opportunities as it is a widely used framework for building web apps, leading to job offers from top companies & higher salary potential.

Nail Your Interview

Don't let poor preparation hold you back! Equip yourself with a range of Angular questions and answers, from basic to advanced, to boost your interview success.

Angular Interview Questions for Freshers

1. How does an Angular application work?  2. Explain Components, Modules & Services in Angular.  3. Write a code where you have to share data from Parent to Child Component?

Angular Interview Questions for Experienced

1. What are lifecycle hooks in Angular?   2. Explain the concept of Dependency Injection.  3. What is AOT compilation? What are the advantages of AOT?

Angular Scenario Based Interview Questions

1. How do you choose an element from a component template?  2. How do you deal with errors in observables?  3. What happens when you use the script tag within a template?

Challenge Yourself with Angular MCQs

Ready to step up your Angular game? Take on our challenging MCQs and level up your skills for your next interview.  Don't wait - start the challenge now!

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