Top Angular JS Project Ideas With Source Code

Unleash your Angular JS Potential

Want to master the popular JavaScript Framework? Work on real-life projects and solidify your knowledge with these engaging AngularJS project ideas. Lets explore top Angular JS project ideas to upgrade your skills —>>

A powerful JavaScript framework for building dynamic, single-page applications. With its two-way data binding and reusable components, Angular makes it easy to create complex user interfaces with clean, maintainable code.

Introduction to Angular JS

1. Soundnode

Create a Soundcloud desktop app with Angular, Electron, & Nodejs. Include features like music streaming, search, follow/unfollow users, & playlist creation.  Get hands-on experience & have fun with this beginner-friendly Angular project.

Best Angular JS Projets for Beginners

Get started with Angular by building a weather app! This simple project is perfect for novices, allowing you to showcase a weather forecast with sunrise/sunset time, temperature, climate map, and more.

2. Weather App

Get started with Angular routing by working on the Angular Bare Bones project. This project uses RouterModule, RouterLink, RouterOutlet and more to demonstrate routing components.

3. Angular Bare Bone

Best Angular JS Projects for Intermediates

Up your Angular game with a URL shortener project! Utilize Polr as a host, or build your own with Express, MongoDB, and TypeScript. Minimize URLs, brand them, and create a modern look with this mid-level project.

4. URL Shortener

Build UI components in isolation with Storybook, an open-source tool for Vue, Angular, and React. Enhance testability, reusability, and development speed with Storybook's API and add-ons.

5. Storybook

Best Angular JS Projects for Experts

Generate static documentation for Angular apps with Compodoc. Choose from 8 themes and search through the documentation with lunr.js. Compodoc also offers unique support for Angular-CLI projects.

6. Compodoc

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