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Introduction to MVC

A software testing technique that verifies functionality, performance, reliability, &security of APIs. Ensures that business logic layer of applications is working effectively & efficiently.

Benefits of using MVC

1. Core Functionality Testing  2. Time and Cost Effectiveness 3. Language-Independent   4. Ease of Integration with GUI

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New to the API Testing?

Get the answers to top interview questions for freshers, including-  1. How do APIs work?  2. What are the different types of API testing?  3. What is the approach followed in API Testing?

Intermediate in API Testing?

Test your knowledge with these interview questions, including -   1. Define test coverage.  2. What is the process of API Specification Review?  3. Differentiate between API testing and UI testing.

An expert in API Testing?

Tackle challenging interview questions, including -    1. What is ViewStart?  2. How can you implement the MVC forms authentication?  3. Explain briefly the GET and POST Action types?

API Testing MCQ Questions

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