Top Applications of Artificial Intelligence

A Quick Overview

Have you ever wondered how self-driving cars or robots work? Do they use any specific technology?

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) involves programming computers, robots, or other objects to think like smart humans. AI focuses on how brain learns, makes decisions, & solves problems.

Artificial intelligence is most commonly used in data processing category, which includes:   1. Self-driving cars  2. Smart Assistants  3. Disease mapping  4. Manufacturing robots  5. Virtual Travel booking agent

Uses of Artificial Intelligence

In today's society, artificial intelligence is used in different areas, and it is becoming increasingly significant because it can solve complex problems efficiently.

Top Applications of Artificial Intelligence

1. Healthcare   - Assists with administrative tasks like scheduling meetings and organizing files.  - Evaluate MRI scans to detect tumors & harmful growths at a tenfold faster rate than radiologists.

2. E-Commerce   - Enhance your customer engagement by building recommendation engines. - Chatbots and virtual assistants enhance online shopping. - Lower the risk of credit card fraud.

3. Robotics   - Manufacturing  - Transport  - Surgery  - Space Exploration

4. Finance   - AI in personal Finance  - AI in Consumer Finance  - AI in Corporate Finance

Find out other areas in which Artificial Intelligence can be applied.

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