Top Applications of Cloud Computing

All you need to know

Software that runs on cloud networks has transformed many aspects of daily life. Businesses and startups can optimize costs and increase their offerings by leveraging cloud computing.

It involves the provision of computing resources to users as storage, applications, networking, databases, development tools, analytics, etc., over the internet.

Introduction to Cloud Computing

1. Reduces cost of purchasing hardware & software.  2. Resources are just a click away, & can be accessed anywhere, from any device.   3. Due to scalability, you can easily increase capacity as needed.

Why Use Cloud Computing?

1. Online Data Storage  Cloud storage enables organizations to store and maintain massive amounts of data without setting up physical storage systems. What are the various types of storage option available?

Applications of Cloud Computing

2. Backup and Recovery  Cloud services provide data redundancy, i.e., a copy of data is kept at different places, like on different server or data center. What are various data redundancy options available?

3. Testing and Development  A cloud can provide various testing features at one place. Organizations can easily test the performance of their product on the cloud against a large number of users.

4. Big Data analysis  Aside from storage, it also provides us with various tools for analyzing big data. It is much cheaper than traditional large-scale big data resources for organizations to use cloud.

5. Social Network Platforms  Cloud storage helps social media applications run smoothly, and offers cost-effective analytics. In case of disaster, cloud computing provides data backup and recovery.

Here are some of the best cloud computing applications you need to know about.

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