Top Most  Useful DBMS Applications

All you need to know

Today, databases play a crucial role in handling mission-critical and sensitive data. Thus, these databases must be managed with secure, robust, and easy-to-use tools. Here comes DBMS.

DBMS enables the creation, access, maintenance, and management of databases. It make information management more efficient in many fields, from startups to large corporations.

Introduction to DBMS

 - Relational Databases   - Non-Relational Databases

Types of DBMS

1. Reservation System  The information base is needed to store details about tickets, train arrivals, and flight schedules. Train delays are also communicated to individuals through the information base.

Applications of DBMS

2. Library Management System  A DBMS keeps track of all the info about a book, its release date, accessibility, and author. It's easy to track which customers took which books, the return date, and how much they cost.

3. Military All countries have military information and details of their soldiers like operations they perform, locations, etc. The DBMS provides the security feature for this information.

4. Banking  DBMS are used to store information about customers, such as balances, transactions, loans, etc., and also operational details about a bank.

Here are some of the best DBMS applications you need to know about.

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