Top Applications of Machine Learning

A Quick Overview

Introduction to Machine Learning

ML is a form of artificial intelligence that makes predictions based on data. It enables computers or machines to make decisions automatically without being explicitly programmed.

Applications of Linked Lists

1. Image Recognition The application uses face detection and recognition algorithms, as well as pattern recognition to identify visuals.  It identifies objects, places, people, digital images, etc.

2. Videos Surveillance AI-powered video surveillance systems are capable of detecting crimes before they occur. It tracks unusual behaviors such as unclaimed items lying around for a long time, or drivers napping.

3. Customer Support Chatbots are the best application of machine learning that extract information from websites and provide answers quickly and accurately.

4. Product Recommendation Many companies, including Amazon, Netflix, etc., use machine learning for product recommendations. ML suggests products based on our interests whenever we search for products or movies.

5. Self-driving Cars Self-driving cars manufactured by Tesla use an unsupervised learning method to detect people and objects while driving and stop at a distance if a person or object is detected.

6. Online Fraud Detection The use of machine learning makes online transactions more secure and safe by detecting fraud. Feed forward neural networks check whether transactions are genuine or fraudulent.

7. Automate Simple and Repetitive Tasks AI is capable of handling monotonous tasks repeatedly without getting tired. It can handle multiple commands in a single day and acts as an assistant. Example- SIRI, Cortana, etc.

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