Array Interview Questions 

for Freshers to Experienced


An array in programming is a collection of similar data elements stored in a sequential manner, allowing access to individual elements through their index positions.

Introduction to Array

1. Syntax in C/C++:  DataType ArrayName [size];   2. Syntax  in Java:  int [] intArray;

How do you declare an Array?

1. Can a Negative number be passed in Array size?  2. When will we get ArrayIndexOutOfBounds Exception?

Array Interview Questions for Freshers

3. We know that Arrays are objects so why cannot we write strArray.length()?  4. What is a Jagged Array in Java?

5. Why is the complexity of fetching from an Array be O(1)? 6. How do you find the missing integer in an array of range 1 to 100?

Array Interview Questions for Experienced

7. Explain the terms “Dimension” and “Subscript” when we talk about arrays.  8. How to check the equality of two arrays?

1. How do you rotate an array?  2. Find out the smallest & largest number in a given Array? 3. How to sort an array of 0 & 1?

Array Coding Interview Questions 

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