Top AWS Project Ideas with Source Code

For Beginners to Experts

Are you tired of managing your own servers and dealing with the headache of scaling and security? Look no further than AWS, the ultimate one-stop shop for all your cloud needs.

AWS, or Amazon Web Services, is a cloud computing platform that offers 200+ services such as storage, databases, networking, security, and more. It also provides the best management & security solution.

Introduction to AWS

This is the perfect beginner-friendly project to get started. Learn how to use popular CMS like Magento, WordPress, etc., without any security violations.

1. Deploy a Windows Virtual Machine

Best AWS Projects for Beginners

Learn how to migrate your existing repository using AWS CodeCommit with this project. CodeCommit is a fully-managed platform for hosting Git-based repositories, & it offers high availability & security.

2. Migrate a Git Repository on AWS

Build Android app with user authentication & API for listing, creating & storing student data without managing backend using Amazon AWS Amplify. 

3. Build a Simple Android App

Best AWS Projects for Intermediates

This project involves creating a website for attendance automation using services such as AWS Cognito for secure login, Amazon Rekognition for facial recognition and LightSail for hosting the website.

4. Create Attendance Automation

This project invovles designing a smart traffic monitoring system using AWS IoT to securely connect cameras and monitor traffic in real-time, with no need for server management.

5. Create a Traffic Monitoring Tool

Best AWS Projects for Experts

This project uses AWS Glue and Step Functions to orchestrate an ETL pipeline for a Redshift data warehouse, utilizing the Redshift Spectrum feature to query structured and unstructured data in Amazon S3.

6. Orchestrate Redshift ETL

Unlock the full potential of AWS and elevate your programming skills to new heights.

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