Top Big Data Applications

Unlock the Power of Big Data

Want to make better business decisions & increase confidence in your choices? Big data can help! It analyze this growing volume of diverse data for valuable insights.

Introduction to Big Data

1. High-performance  2. Parallel computing  3. Elastic scalability  4. Freedom of choice, etc. Note- Big data bring hope but also has some shortcomings.

How Big Data can Benefit you?

Big data offers you a new perspective that brings forth new possibilities and business models. Getting started includes 3 important actions but what are these?

How Big Data Works?

1. Banking  Big data improve financial management, cash collection, as well as detect fraud and streamline transaction processing. Western Union, for example, uses big data to personalize user experiences.

Applications of Big Data

2. In Media  Big data helps predict audience needs & provides insights on customer churn in media industry. Netflix, for example, uses big data to impact the series they invest in and how they are presented to users.

3. In Education  Big data improves learning, international recruiting, student evaluation, and decision-making in education. The University of Florida uses IBM technology to predict student performance.

4. In Agriculture  Big data drives smart farming & accurate agriculture operations, saving costs and unleashing new business possibilities. Bayer Digital Farming, for example, uses ML & AI for identifying weed.

5. In Travel  Big data revolutionizes travel industry by improving revenue management, reputation management, & strategic marketing. Uber, for example, uses big data to predict demand, supply, driver location, & trip fares.

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