Top C Project Ideas with Source Code

For Beginners to Experts

A simple calculator can be built using switch cases or if-else statements in C. The logic in the program can be expanded to accept more than two operands and one operator.

1. Simple Calculator

A project for handling and managing students' records. It may seem like a simple project, but it can be useful for schools or colleges that have thousands of student records to store.

2. Student Record management system

This voting system allows users to enter their preferences and calculates the total votes and leading candidates. It's a straightforward C project that's easy to understand.

3. Mini Voting System

This project performs a few basic matrix operations, with the user selecting the operation to be performed. The matrices and their sizes are then entered.

4. Matrix Calculator

The project involves managing and preserving student-requested electronic book data. Students and librarians can both use the system to keep track of books.

5. Library Management System

A full-stack E-commerce application can also be created using MERN stack. Registration, logging in, searching, adding items to cart, purchasing, and paying online are all possible.

6. Bus Reservation System

Pacman is easy to play game and was programmed in C. The grid function manages the grid structure and the movement is controlled by the move_right(), move_left(), etc.

7. Pac-Man Game

It is a modest recreation of Dinosaur Jump, an Offline Google Chrome game. A user can play the game at any time. A fun, simple game that's easy to use and understand for beginners.

8. Dino Game

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