Top Major Characteristics of Cloud Computing

A Quick Overview

Software that runs on cloud networks has transformed many aspects of daily life. Businesses and startups can optimize costs and increase their offerings by leveraging cloud computing.

It involves the provision of computing resources to users as storage, applications, networking, databases, development tools, analytics, etc., over the internet.

Introduction to Cloud Computing

Why Use Cloud Computing?

1. Reduces cost of purchasing hardware & software.  2. Resources are just a click away, & can be accessed anywhere, from any device.   3. Due to scalability, you can easily increase capacity as needed.

1. Flexibility  Cloud computing allows users to access data or services over internet. It's all there in the cloud, just a click away. It becomes easy and comfortable to share and work on data.

Characteristics of Cloud Computing

2. Scalability  Cloud computing not only offers a great number of functionalities that cater to users' needs, but it can also expand the number of servers, or infrastructure, according to demand.

3. Broad Network Access  Cloud computing has a vast access area and is accessible via internet. With a good internet connection and a device, you can access and upload your files from anywhere in the world.

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