Top Characteristics of Data Warehouse

What is the use of Data Warehouse?

1. Tactical Reporting- Reports can be generated to pitch products/services.  2. Data validation - Verify accuracy of newly collected data against existing warehouse data.

3. Information Exploration - Explore data for ideas, knowledge, or new perspective.

Characteristics of Data Warehouse

1. A Data Warehouse is Subject- Oriented It is subject-oriented so it provides information on topic rather than current operations of organizations. Aids in creating emphasized models and analytical reports.

2. Data Warehouses Support Integration -  It can combine data from different sources like mainframes, relational databases, etc. Data is stored and organized from transactional and analytical data sources of various types.

3. Data Warehouses are Non-Volatile - Data warehouses are non-volatile, which means they won't lose previous data upon adding new data. Historical, current, and predictive analyses can also be performed.

4. Data in Warehouses are Predictable with Time Intervals - A warehouse maintains data on an hourly, weekly, monthly, and annual basis, etc.  Data in the warehouse is transformed frequently so it reflects current business transactions.

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