Why is Java so popular?

Top Characteristics

Java syntax is straightforward and easy to understand. Many complicated and less-used features, including pointers and operator overloading, have been removed from Java.

1. Java is Simple

2. Object-Oriented

As an object-oriented language, Java emphasizes objects rather than functions and logic required to manipulate them.  Suitable for large, complex, and frequently updated projects.

3. Platform Independent

Java code runs on multiple platforms, including Windows, Linux, macOS, and others. Java code is compiled and converted to byte code that is platform-independent.

4. Secure

Java is a secure language since there are no explicit pointers, it runs in a virtual sandbox (JVM), has a classloader, byte code verifier, security manager, etc.

5. Robust

Java includes runtime exception handling to support resilience in programming. It requires the programmer to develop exception-handling code.

6. Architectural Neutral

Java is architecture-neutral as it does not depend on implementation details, such as size of primitive types.

7. Portable

Due to Java's architecture-independence, it can run on any platform without recompilation, making them portable. Program can be converted into byte code, which is easily portable.

8. Distributed

Java was designed to make distributed computing simple. Additionally, Java supports the development of micro-services in distributed systems.

Check out  the  detailed explanation  of Java characteristics. 

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