Top Characteristics of Software in Software Engineering

A Quick Overview

Software + Engineering

Software Engineering

Introduction to Software Engineering

It involves analyzing customer and business requirements and designing, developing, building, and testing software applications. Several methods and techniques are used in these process.

Software developers determine the quality of the software by examining its internal characteristics. Lets check them out…

Top Characteristics  of Software

1. Functionality  Software systems must function correctly, i.e. in accordance with its design specifications. To become effective product, it must have clear components, features, and functions.

2. Usability (User-friendly) Navigation is crucial since it determines user's journey within software. Goal is to ensure visitors stay on you website and have a +ve experience, which leads to an increase in sales.

3. Efficiency  An efficient software project meets clients' needs and offers excellent features.Storage space should be efficiently used, and commands should be executed on time.

4. Flexibility   It is ability of software to adapt to future changes. Adding, modifying, or removing features without interfering with current operations is a way to evaluate software flexibility.

5. Maintainability  Code maintainability refers to how easily it can be fixed, improved, and comprehend. Software maintainability focuses on resolving errors and making minor changes to code.

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