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Introduction to Cloud Computing

A model of providing on-demand access to shared computing resources over internet. It allows users to quickly scale up or down their computing resources & pay only for what they use.

Key Features of Cloud Computing

1. Helps in quick & inexpensive re-provisioning of resources.  2. Resources can be accessed from everywhere.  3. Resources & computation can be dependable for accessibility.

Different Versions of Cloud

1. Public Cloud  2. Private Cloud  3. Hybrid Cloud  4. Multi-Cloud

Prepare for Cloud Computing Questions

Don't let poor preparation hold you back! Equip yourself with a range of Cloud computing questions & answers, from basic to advanced, to boost your interview success.

Cloud Computing Interview Questions for Freshers

What do you mean by cloud delivery models?  What are the Cloud Storage Levels?  Describe the Cloud Computing Architecture.

Cloud Computing Interview Questions for Experts

1. Why are microservices important for a true cloud environment?  2. What is meant by Edge Computing?  3. What are some issues with Cloud Computing?

Interview Preparation Tips

1. Smile and believe in yourself! 2. Research the company thoroughly. 3. Master the technical questions with practice. 4. Keep your answers focused and to the point.

Challenge Yourself with Cloud Computing MCQs

Ready to step up your Cloud game? Take on our challenging Cloud computing MCQs and level up your skills for your next interview.  Don't wait - start the challenge now!

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