Top Cloud Computing Project Ideas

For Beginners to Experts

It records employee and student attendance and store it in the cloud. Upon scanning the card, it enters information such as in-time, ID number, and out-time.

1. Attendance System

It allows passengers to purchase bus passes online. It offers bus booking, scheduling, and payment options, and passengers can purchase bus passes by logging into the portal.

2. Bus Ticketing and Payment System

The project involves building a dynamic website on AWS using languages such as CSS, PHP, HTML, ASP, and JavaScript in the development process.

3. Host a Dynamic Website

In this, you will use Amazon S3, a simple web-based cloud repository provided by Amazon for storing static web pages.  Using HTML and CSS will aid in the development of this project.

4. Host a Static Website using AWS or other clouds

The project involves creating a book shop management system that organizes books into discrete categories and sections that end users can easily access.

5. Website without a Server

Instructional materials, books, videos, and control information will be stored on project's website, which will be organized by category. Information is then stored in the cloud.

6. Cloud-based E-learning

The project provides administrator with the capability to investigate a problem and then interact with a customer using a specially designed application.

7. Project for Bug Tracking in Cloud Computing

App offers opportunities for employment to working women, as well as those willing to work. Employers and employees will be able to communicate directly through app via a chat box.

8. Women Jobs Application

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