Top  Cloud Computing Projects Ideas 

For Beginners to Experts

1. Attendance System  This cloud-based attendance system records entry & exit times, ID numbers, & more, making it a breeze for administrators to manage & track employee or student attendance.

2. Bus Ticketing & Payment System  With our cloud-powered system, passengers can easily book, schedule, and pay for bus tickets online. Simply log in to the portal, and get your bus pass hassle-free.

3. Host a Dynamic Website  By hosting a dynamic website on AWS and using various programming languages, you'll create an engaging user experience and help businesses achieve their goals.

4. Cloud-based Conversational Interface  In this project, develop a Python-based chatbot that communicates with users, answers questions, & saves the info in a cloud database. Revolutionize customer support & boost efficiency.

5. Smart Traffic Management System  Reduce congestion during peak hours with a cloud-based traffic management system. Wireless communication & data extraction methods will empower decision-making & optimize traffic flow.

6. Cloud-based e-learning  Organize instructional materials, books, videos, and control information on an e-learning website. Embrace the power of the cloud to provide worldwide access to educational resources.

7. IoT Remote Monitoring and Control  Utilize Arduino, sensors, and Raspberry Pi to collect data, store it in the cloud, and leverage a MySQL database for analysis. Monitor & control devices remotely like never before.

8. Bug Tracking in Cloud Computing Streamline bug tracking with a specialized application. Automatically generate tags and labels, allowing administrators to investigate and interact with customers efficiently.

9. Automation of the University's Online Services  Gather, structure, and store information about staff, professors, students, and visitors. Our cloud-based solution streamlines administrative tasks for enhanced efficiency.

10. Data Leaks Detection Project Encrypt and store data securely in the cloud, safeguarding it from SQL injection attacks. Our initiative ensures the confidentiality of sensitive information, giving you peace of mind.

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