Top Cyber Security Projects  with Source Code

For Beginners to Experts

As a beginner, you can start with a cyber security project involving text encryption. A simple web application can be built to encrypt and decrypt textual information.

1. Text Encryption Using Cryptographic Algorithms

Keyloggers are programs that record keystrokes that users make on their keyboard devices. It monitors user's activities to detect any unusual or threatening activities on device.

2. Keylogger Software

It's possible to encrypt images with sensitive information. You can use encryption algorithms like AES, DES, RSA, logistic and chaotic maps, or simple scan and XOR-based algorithms.

3. Image Encryption

The purpose of this project is to test the strength of your passwords according to OWASP guidelines. The application is trained with the help of ML algorithms.

4. Password Strength Tester

The system is developed to verify user's identity. Software reads features of face, such as distance between eyes, depth of eye sockets, distance from forehead to chin, etc.

5. Web-Based Facial Authentication System

Detect high severity vulnerabilities on devices and networks using security scanner. Also, software provides numerical values to risks found and provide tips on how to secure device.

6. Security Scanner

The project involves creating a user authentication portal with signup/register and log in/log out functions. Key skills are identity management, authentication, and authorization.

7. User Authentication System

An advanced project that conceals coded text in images. An image can be used to send secret messages across the web. LSB, BCPS, CSSIS, etc., are a few algorithms for this project.

8. Image Steganography System

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