Top Data Modeling Tools: A List of 5 To Know

1. Archi

Archi modeling toolkit aims to target mostly all levels of Enterprise Modelers and Architects, and to create ArchiMate models and models sketches.

2. Database Deployment Manager

DDM builds database structures such as tables, queries, etc., using an object-oriented methodology that involves creating table templates, which are then used to build database tables.

3. dModelAid

This ideal modeling tool documents complex database designs in an interactive, simpler way, enabling you to retrieve large amounts of information from the database.

4. Entity-Relationship/Builder Data Modeler

ER/Builder Data Modeler software can be used by both novices and experts, and it allows engineers to generate popular SQL databases graphically using physical designs.

5. SQL Database Modeler

SQLDBM is one of the best tools for creating database diagrams on any browser, offering a simple way to design your database.

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