Top Data Science Interview Questions to Prepare for

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What is Data Science?

An interdisciplinary field that uses scientific processes & ML techniques to extract insights & knowledge from raw data, enabling businesses to make data-driven decisions.

Why Data Science is Important?

Being proficient in data science leads to high-paying career opportunities with strong job prospects, as data-driven decision making becomes increasingly important across industries.

Top Data Science tools

 - Tensorflow   - BigML   - SAS    - Knime   - Scikit   - Pytorch

Is Python and SQL enough for data science?

Python and SQL are enough for data science interviews, but knowledge of R programming language can provide an advantage in some roles.

Nail Your Interview: Prepare for Data Science Questions

Don't let poor preparation hold you back! Equip yourself with a range of Data Science questions and answers, from basic to advanced, to boost your interview success.

Data Science Interview Questions for Freshers

1. What are Eigenvectors and Eigenvalues?  2. Define the terms KPI, lift, model fitting, robustness, and DOE.  3. What is a random forest? Explain it’s working.

Data Science Interview Questions for Experienced

1. How are time series problems different from other regression problems?  2. What is p-value & what does it indicate in the Null Hypothesis? 3. Why do we need selection bias?

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