Top  Data Science Projects  with  Source Code

1. Fake News Detection Using Python

The project can assist in determining the legitimacy of information to combat spread of fake news. PassiveAggressiveClassifier can be used to distinguish between true and fake news.

2. Project on Gender Detection and Age Prediction

This project involves creating a system that can analyze a person’s photograph and determine their age and gender. Python and the OpenCV library may be required.

3. Project on Detection of Drowsiness in Drivers

The system continuously monitors driver's eyes and alerts him with alarms if system detects that the driver often closes his eyes. OpenCV, Keras, etc., are needed for this project.

4. Project on Detection of Credit Card Fraud

It examines a customer's regular spending patterns to determine if it’s fraudulent or legitimate transaction. Customer’s  transactions are fed into ANNs or logistic regressions.

5. Project on Recommendation System for Films

This project uses R language to generate a ML-based recommendation system. A filtering procedure is used to send recommendations based on users' browsing history and interests.

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