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A software development methodology that unites development and operations teams to automate the project lifecycle, enabling faster and more efficient software delivery.

What is DevOps?

1. Version Control System tools.       Eg: git  2. Continuous Integration tools.       Eg: Jenkins  3. Continuous Testing tools.       Eg: Selenium  4. Continuous Monitoring tool.         Eg: Nagios

DevOps Tools

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DevOps Interview Questions For Freshers

1. What are the three important DevOps KPIs?  2. What is the use of SSH? 3. What is Continuous Integration (CI)?

1. How is DevOps different than Agile Methodology?  2. Differentiate between Continuous Deployment and Continuous Delivery. 

DevOps Interview Questions For Intermediates

1. Explain the “Shift left to reduce failure” concept in DevOps.  2. Can you explain the “infrastructure as code” (IaC) concept? 

DevOps Interview Questions For Experienced

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DevOps MCQ Questions

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