Top DevOps Tools for 2023: What’s Hot?

Credit: InterviewBit

Source Code Management and Building Tool:  GitHub

Over 83 million developers collaborate on GitHub to build, track, scale, and deliver secure software from one platform.

Container Management Tool:  Docker

As most people are aware of containerization, Docker takes it one step further by enabling the integration of containers into the software development process.

CI/CD and Deployment Tool: Jenkins

With over 1500 plugins, Jenkins is currently the most popular open-source automation server for developing software.

Configuration Management Tool: Ansible

Ansible DevOps automation tool is a popular choice for managing IT infrastructure, application deployment, configuration management,  intraservice orchestration, and provisioning.

Monitoring Tool: Nagios

Nagios is a useful tool for monitoring hardware and networks for large organizations with a lot of backend equipment (switches, routers, servers, etc.).

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