Top Django Project Ideas

Best ones to work on

Django Projects for Beginners

The project involves developing a registration and login system using Django. Registration pages will include fields like an email address or phone number, username, password, etc.

1. Registration and Login System

A good project to build a simple calculator for performing basic arithmetic operations using Django. Have an interface for entering numbers, erasing them, or deleting whole result.

2. Calculator Application

Text-to-HTML conversion is one of the simple Django project ideas. The interface allows the user to enter text or upload documents, which are converted to clean HTML code afterward.

3. Text to HTML Converter

Django can be used to build a small person-to-person message application that uses REST APIs and WebSockets to avoid polling and annoying notifications.

4. Chat Application

Django Projects for Intermediates

Django can be used to create a music player application that plays music from your device's library or online sources. Few of the features can be play next, repeat, and stop.

5. Music Player Application

The project involves creating a Weather Prediction Application that will predict weather details such as cloud cover, rain, snow, wind speed, and temperature dynamically.

6. Weather Prediction Application

Building an e-commerce website at the beginning of your career will bulk up your resume for a successful web development career.

7. E-commerce Website

Django Projects for Experts

The project involves creating a video and audio call application using WebRT, Twilio, and other third-party frameworks. Video and audio streaming are explained in this project.

8. Audio and Video Chat Applications

This is a great Django project that integrates multiple web crawlers for collecting and displaying news from multiple sources.

9. News Aggregator Application

List of other Django Projects you might be interested in with Source Code...

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