Top ETL Tools You Must Be Familiar With

A Quick Guide

A cloud-based ETL system, Xplenty provides pipelines for automating data flows from sources and destinations. Businesses can combine, process, and prepare data for cloud analytics.

1. Xplenty

Skyvia is a SaaS data platform that enables users to easily solve data-related tasks without coding like data integration, cloud data backup, SQL data management, etc.

2. Skyvia

Released in 2016, Voracity is an on-premises and cloud-enabled ETL and data management platform for data discovery, integration, migration, governance, and analytics.

3. IRI Voracity

Talend is a data integration tool that provides data preparation, data quality, data integration, application integration, data management, and big data software solutions.

4. Talend

Bootstrap is a powerful library for creating and customizing mobile-friendly responsive sites, and also features SASS variables and mixins, and powerful JavaScript plugins.


FlyData streamlines data-syncing process with Snowflake and Redshift. Businesses can migrate huge data sets to existing data warehouses smoothly, securely, and continuously.

6. Flydata

Dataddo is a no-code data integration, automation, and transformation tool. With Datado, data can be transformed and wired to various databases, DWHs, cloud storage, etc.

7. Dataddo

You can integrate and load data in real time from 100+ sources to any destination. With excellent connectivity to various sources, it’s easy to import data without writing any code.

8. Hevo Data

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