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A preferred application for managing data & has been used for 30+ years. It has a modern interface & is compatible with all major OSs, like Windows, macOS, iOS, & Android.

Introduction to Microsoft Excel

Features of Microsoft Excel

1. Graphing software Integrated capabilities (SUM, DATE) 2. Tables, charts, & filters that allow for data analysis. 3. Visual Basic for Applications(VBA).

1. Differentiate between  "absolute cell referencing" & "relative cell referencing". 2. Explain “freeze panes” in MS Excel?

Basic Excel Interview Questions

3. How can we combine text strings from several cells into one cell?  4. What is VLOOKUP? How does the VLOOKUP function work?

5. Discuss the functionality of SUMIF() in Excel.  6. Differentiate between Pivot charts and standard charts.

1. Without installing Microsoft Office, how to produce an Excel (.XLS & .XLSX) file in C#?  2. How would you debug a VBA code?

Advanced Excel Interview Questions

3. How can I disable Pivot Tables' automatic sorting?  4. Can you use tables from separate worksheets to create a pivot table?

5. Can many tables be used to build pivot tables?  6. Is it possible to crack the password for an Excel VBA project?

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Excel MCQ Questions

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