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C++ is a versatile programming language that blends features of multiple programming models and builds on C with added object-oriented functionality. It is suitable for both low-level & high-level programming.

Introduction to C++

 - Reliable, performant, & versatile.   - Ideal for low-latency apps & offers a market-competitive wage for skilled programmers.   - Offers wide range of libraries for complex graphics.

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Top Features of C++

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1. Object Oriented Programming  Experience the ease of development and maintenance with C++'s OOP concepts like polymorphism, inheritance, data abstraction, data encapsulation and more.

2. Machine Independent  & Platform-Dependent  Take your code to new machines & platforms with C++'s machine-independent feature. C++ programs can be executed on many machines with little or no changes, but executable files are platform-dependent.

3. Rich Library  Efficiency & speed at your fingertips with C++'s rich library. Take advantage of built-in functions & libraries that save time & make development faster. Some of header files include <iostream>, <fstream>, & more.

4. Structured Programming Language Simplify your programming with C++'s structured programming feature. Modular programming and clean code made easy with functions, classes, and objects.

5. Pointer  Unlock new possibilities with C++'s pointer feature. Pointers in C++ allow for memory access, solving a large number of problems in structures, functions, arrays, and more.

Explore the vast capabilities of C++ and take your programming skills to next level. 

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