Top Features of Hadoop

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A web development platform that allows developers to build dynamic & interactive web applications. It is a free, open-source framework used to create powerful & scalable web applications.

Introduction to Hadoop

Hadoop can be useful for executing your production environment. It has 4 phases-  1. Where is the Data?  2. How much is the data?  3. How do the data grow?  4. What to do with the data?

Hadoop Ecosystem

1. Scale Your Data with Ease Hadoop's cluster architecture lets you scale your data storage with ease. You can store and process massive data sets across hundreds of low-cost servers in parallel.

Top Features of Hadoop

2. Keep Data Safe with Fault Tolerance  Equipped with a replication mechanism that ensures data is available even if machine in cluster fails. With Hadoop 3's erasure coding, fault tolerance is achieved with less storage overhead.

3. Keep Data Available with High Availability  Your data is always accessible, even in unfavorable conditions. With fault tolerance built-in, data is available from multiple DataNodes with copies of same data.

4. Process Your Data at Lightning Speed  With its distributed processing of data and parallel processing with MapReduce, Hadoop is designed to handle your data at lightning speed.

5. Assures Data Reliability Hadoop replicates data across the cluster, ensuring data availability even in case of machine failure. It’s built-in scanners & checkers ensure data reliability & consistency.

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